Katy Perry

  • Favorite Summer Sipper: Sauv Blanc
  • Favorite Fall Sipper: IPA (takes a lot of beer to make good wine)
  • Favorite Winter Sipper: Malbec
  • Favorite Spring Sipper: Rosado
  • Mantra to get through harvest: Don’t need one, we look forward to it.
  • On any given afternoon you’ll find Katy Perry walking the rows of Tildio’s vineyard inspecting each cordon and reading the vines. She looks at the underside of the leaves, the canes and their nodes. Other times, you’ll find her at the lab counter, notebook open, marking the progress of the wine in the barrels. Katy controls the chaos of fermentation with the watchful eye of a veteran winemaker.
  • Her craft is rooted both in her Enology and Viticulture degree from UC Davis and the two decades plus of working at wineries in California and Australia. Tildio acclaim comes from her deep love of life and the way it moves from vineyard to winery to bottle.