Vin du Lac Winery

Vin du Lac WineryNo one knows why, but it always seems like a sunny day at Vin du Lac Winery. The winery and bistro gamely meets everyone’s needs. Groups gather on the patio and have a bite to eat, couples look out onto the lake with a bottle of wine between them. Kids have lawn to play on and parents allow themselves to relax. At Vin du Lac, it’s easy to have a good time.

Committed to making stellar, affordable wine, owner and winemaker Larry Lehmbecker works tirelessly to ensure he meets the needs of his customers. Choose a bottle of friendly white from the LEHM label or a happy red from the Red Café line. Take a bottle of Barrel Select home for your cellar and when you open it, celebrate the sunny day you sat on the patio and had a great bottle of wine.

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