Ventimiglia Cellars

Ventimiglia CellarsIn your retelling of your trip to the Lake Chelan Wine Valley, you’re going to speak about your visit to Ventimiglia Cellars a little differently. Find this diminutive winery behind the apple storage buildings, up the gravel road and past the house with the chickens. Drive slowly, look to the left and find Ventimiglia.

Sit at the micro tasting counter, take a sip and gaze in wonder. Indeed, you are looking at stacks of apple bins while drinking fine wine. Indeed, you are happy about it.

Ventimiglia is a shining star in the juxtaposition between elegant detail and down to earth sweetness. The wine itself is a perfect reflection of winemaker Ron Ventimiglia, who will never brag about the very bottle that you will proudly take home as a trophy. There is no sweeping lake view, there’s only a panoramic delight in the glass and the finery that comes from a life-long memory made in an uncommonly gorgeous place.

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